About SWR-120

S-Ribs Custom Boatbuilding Company has finished the trials of the first boat of "SWR-120" project and is glad to have an opportunity to offer this product worldwide.

SWR-120 is a 12m multi-purpose, heavy-duty, high-speed planning boat for operation in costal sea areas, in open sea as a daughtercraft and in lakes and rivers in almost any climate zone.

Depending on the equipment installed, the boat can be customized as Search and Rescue, Patrol, Work, Pilot, Crewtender, Diving support, Hydrographic survey or a Daughter craft. It is designed for commercial use from scratch with all its structures, systems and equipment to stand thousands of hours of heavy-duty, cost-effective operation. The superstructure of "SWR-120" is made of a light-weight composite sandwich with carbon reinforcements. The hull is constructed of marine grade aluminum alloys, which is a planning/deep V hull with an excellent wave-piercing capabilities, while its prismatic shape provides an additional stability for the work purposes and moving the cargo around the deck.

The boat is designed self-righting, what means that in case of a capsize, it returns to the upright position.

Structures and systems of the boat are designed to meet ISO Small Craft certification (CE A Category) and HSC class Rules of most of the common Classification Societies.

The first boat built (and recently tested) was ordered as a custom multi-purpose vessel, to perform the SAR, Crewtender, Work, Diving support and Environmental protection operations on the sea. GMDSS equipment for zone A2 was ordered as well, to let the boat serve up to 200 nm far away from the shore. Its brief specifications are given below.


The boat is powered by two inboard diesel engines CUMMINS QSB6.7-M 480 hp (prepared for 1500 hr/yr commercial rating) with ROLLS-ROYCE FF-310 waterjets.


There is a special foam filled non-marking commercial fender installed on the boat, which allows continuous contact berthing to a pierce/boat or a yacht.


The deck is designed without any steps, is covered with the non-slip paint substance and allows free movement all around the superstructure. There are several aft deck tie-down points for a cargo fixation, hydraulic crane and two single-type bollards, which allow transporting, towing, boom installation and ROV launch procedures.

Specially designed heavy-duty aft ladder and semi-electrically operated unfolding aft platform make the divers launch quick, reliable and easy. Both of them, as well as the safety cradle, fixed on the aft deck on the PS can be used for quick and reliable MOB safety operations.

The aft deck has a separate outboard water outlet for a fire-fighting, cleaning or any other relevant work purposes.

For the safe SAR operations or pilots launch the superstructure has the heavy-duty grabrails all-around and there is a special safety rail installed as well.


The superstructure consists of a drivers cabin and front cabin.

All the side and front windows have the electrical heating to defog and defrost them even with the minus temperatures. The windscreen wipers have washers incorporated and a separate tank.

The drivers cabin has 2 seats with suspensions and 3 seats with a table for a comfort work or dining on board. There is a galley with gas stove, sink and the dish storage as well. In the galley is a fridge installed. The drivers cabin has the bright main spot lights and additional night-duty red LED lighting.

The front cabin has the shower with fully electrical toilet. The boat has the hot water supply.

The front cabin has the round bunk with the storage places for the tools, provision and clothes. One of them is heated to dry the contents. There is the big clothing locker as well, where the diving suites or special equipment can be stored and heated as well.

There are a lot of storage places on board of a different size and volume.

All the deck surfaces inside of the cabin have the rubber floor mat.


There are two external fuel tanks of aluminum installed on the boat of a total capacity of 1600 liters. Each fuel tank has three sensors with a separate indication: full, empty, level. The fuel can be transferred between the tanks in both directions with a separate fuel pump.

The bilge system consists of the five high-capacity bilge pumps. In case any of the bilge pumps fails, crew can activate the fire-fighting/reserve pump with the separate pipes system to work as a bilge pump.

The oil-waters are gathered and emptied with two separate oil-waters pump via the oil-waters only tank to prevent the environment pollution.

The fresh water system consists of a separate 300l tank with a carbon inlet filter, the hydrophore and a water boiler with thermostatic valves.

The black waters are gathered in a separate 150l tank, which can be discharged with an onboard black-water pump, as well as with an outboard pump in the port.

Each of the mentioned above tanks has three sensors with a separate indication as well: full, empty, level.

There is a separate windshield blowing heater, heaters for the cabins, shower and lockers, which are connected to the engine cooling system. Independent heating system from WEBASTO is installed as well.

The boat has the shore power connection, 7 batteries onboard, and a 4 kW genset. There are 2 watertight outlets (12v and 220v) on the deck for different tasks.


The boat can be launched in two ways:

  • with one-point quick release hook H.HENRIKSEN system for fast launch and rescue operations;
  • or with lift points with slings (via four doubled bollards on the deck).

The hydraulic load crane is installed on the aft deck for loading/unloading of the cargo, ROV or a tender FRC boat. There are 6 tie-down points on the aft deck for the safe cargo/ROV/FRC boat fixing.


The boat is equipped with this safety equipment:

  • 12 pax. liferaft (VIKING SOLAS A-PACK);
  • 2x SAILOR GMDSS handy radiostations;
  • 12x lifejackets;
  • 3x lifebuoys;
  • 12x thermal protection suites;
  • 2x adjustable paddles-hooks.


For safe operation at night the deckhouse roof of the boat has two stern remote searchlights, front double searchlight and a separate LED-lighting for the aft space. There are two horns installed: main and reserve, one with loudspeaker. All the needed equipment on the roof is protected from the possible damage by the crane hook.

The boat is equipped with FLIR/RAYMARINE and COBHAM SAILOR navigation system with:

  • multifunctional 12" screen;
  • radar closed type antenna;
  • rotational thermal camera;
  • depth sensor;
  • compass;
  • VHF radio receiver Class A with DSC GMDSS;
  • MF/HF radio receiver 150W Class A with DSC GMDSS;
  • NAVTEX receiver GMDSS;


The boat is equipped with a number of panels and monitors united in one general operating System, which allows the pilot to monitor and control different equipment. The multifunctional 12" and 7" VesselView monitors are incorporated in the System as well. They manage the navigation, indicate the running parameters of the engines, show the tanks levels, temperatures, depth, fuel quality, propulsion system errors and other vital parameters.